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We offer tutoring in English Literature, English Language and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL/ESL/EFL). Our English teachers and tutors work with many families from across the globe to improve their English.


11+ English

At MS Academy we provide 11+ English tutoring to help children improve upon their English comprehension and creative writing skills fit for both grammar and private schools. In English tutoring your child will receive a personalised course depending on your child's specific skillsets. The main aspects of the course we will cover (depending on the schools they are aiming for) include: - Strengthening vocabulary for the comprehension and creative writing - Perfecting creative writing for all genres and styles - Inference and long answer questions for comprehension (how to answer a 4 marker vs 5 marker vs 6 marker)


Academic English

If you would like support with a specific aspect of your undergraduate degree programme or need assistance with pre-degree foundation studies, we can guide you. We have a number of qualified tutors registered with us who can provide tuition at this level.


Adult Students

Our tutors provide English language training specifically tailored to each individual, online and at your convenience.
We offer English courses up to Level 3 and GCSEs specifically catered for adult learners. Whether you wish to train as a teacher or need help passing your literacy exam – we’re here to help.

English is the most widely used means of communication throughout the entire world, so a complete understanding of the written and spoken word is, to say the least, extremely useful in the practical world. Knowing the rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation is something that will resonate throughout a students life, from writing a cover letter to employers, to writing a brief at a law firm, to even writing a simple email to family. Beyond just studying the language, studying English literature can hone in on analytical skills and provide a better understanding of the world at large – of people and their cultures, of current and historical events and their implications. A good grasp of English language and literature extends beyond just the humanities, as the sciences also need a significant amount of the skills it teaches. English is used in school entrance examinations, both in common entrance exams and independent school entry assessments. Our tutors are able to help with English studies at primary level (reading, writing, phonics), 11+ and Language and Literature at GCSE and A level.

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