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Get great tuition, everywhere

Every child deserves an excellent education, one which captivates them and respects their individuality. Throughout this journey, MS Academy can help.

With training that exposes learners to various methods, we aim to find the formula that fits the individual best- and unleashes their greatest potential.

Our team consists of exceptional educational and child development practitioners who qualified from UK universities, with wide industry and academic experience. Our trusted tutors are always background-checked.

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MS Academy
Wolverhampton, UK


Tutoring »

We offer specialist in person and online tutoring for children aged 4-17 years. Our aim is to motivate and encourage our students to perform the best they can, as well as stretching their academic abilities. 


Proofreading and editing »

We provide professional academic proofreading services and English language editing exclusively for academic students, professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers, research students and business customers.


Skills training »

We run training sessions that complement and support the teaching, advice and assignments you receive, in order to sharpen your study skills and develop your academic expertise.


Home-schooling »

Whether you’re looking for full or part time home-schooling packages, we’re here to help. Our home-schooling clients can enjoy the interactive experience and bespoke service that we offer.


S.E.N »

We cater for families that require expert private tuition for their children with special education needs (SEN). Our tutors have been trained to recognise the signs of speech, language and communication difficulties including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia or ADHD and make use of appropriate materials.


Translation »

Our professional academic translators hold honorary qualifications and have long years of experience in delivering translation for academic translation services as well as academic documents and content. We can help you deliver the message you need in the language you desire.


Academic Language »

We have crafted bespoke courses to help develop your academic language and literacy, equipping you with skills that complement and enhance your studies. We run courses for UK, EU and international students.


English as a Foreign Language »

We offer English as a Foreign Language courses for all ages. Our tutors can help with exam preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams and will take on all aspects, from conversation to reading, writing and comprehension.


Arabic Language Course »

Arabic is one of the oldest and widest spoken languages, with nearly half a billion speakers. We offer courses for beginners in Fusha, Classical or Modern Standard Arabic.


Turkish Language Course »

More individuals and corporations are interested in doing business in Turkey. At MS academy we offer Turkish Language courses for beginners through to expert level.


Software & Web Design »

Coding is a skill of growing importance. We teach it in order to prepare children for a new world where a computer language can be just as crucial as human ones.


Mentoring and Coaching »

From mentoring teenagers to become more independent, to academic coaching for entrance exams, we can help.



MS Academy’s team is patient as well as being exceptional at maths. Their passion for all things STEM inspired my daughter to work hard at maths so that she can be an engineer.

Harriet Wollerton - Parent, KS2 Maths - Winchester, UK

MS Academy’s team of accomplished professionals and engineers have excellent knowledge and great emotional intelligence that differentiates them. They use a positive approach to teaching to help their students flourish and value the subjects they come for help with.

Aline Boblin - Parent - Solihull, UK

Highly recommended. I have known and worked alongside Mena within the Aerospace Industry for a number of years. Very astute and knowledgeable in the subjects. Always enthusiastic when passing that knowledge on.

David Arnold - Engineer - West Midlands, UK

Highly recommended, great tutor.

Melek Bilge – Parent - Cyprus

Through her career as an engineer, Mena has strong knowledge in the field of physics and maths. Her approach to teaching is personable and understanding towards individual needs. She tutored my daughter last year in prep for her GCSE maths and physics; this allowed my daughter the confidence to apply the methods taught by her.

Tashmira Mulla - Parent

A very experienced tutor, through her career as an engineer and expansive knowledge in the field of maths and physics. Very pleased with her attitude and innovative outlook to teaching. Great tutor! Highly recommended.

Maariyah Mahmoud - Student - Architectural Engineering - West Midlands, UK

Mena is an excellent tutor who has the skills and knowledge from both industry and academia to help any child needing tuition in science and mathematics. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Iman Kochouk - Masters Student - London, UK

MS Academy is a local UK treasure. They have such a broad range of specialisations and cover various ranges of academic difficulty. They can help your child overcome their problems and progress to the next level. With MS Academy’s highly equipped tutoring team I have seen my academic and maths test scores improved and they are always responsive to my questions, regardless of the time of the day! I recommend tuition with MS Academy without reservation.

Hawraa Al Ostath - Biology PhD Candidate - Kuwait

MS Academy's hard working and professional team is committed to supporting the development and growth of individuals. They are extremely personable and kind. Their tutors work well to support and nurture in their approach.

Hajrijia Dergic - Marketing Lecturer - University of Wolverhampton, UK

I would highly recommend Mena as a tutor as she has an excellent knowledge of maths and physics and uses a very personalized approach to improve my learning and combines real life examples.

Maram AH - BTEC Student - Physics, Chemistry, Biology - Birmingham, UK

Mena has been tutoring both my little children aged 10 and 8, they are still attending sessions, I have seen great improvement in their level of understanding in mathematics and English. Mena focuses on teaching children with fun and professionalism at the same time. I would recommend Mena to anyone who is looking for a tutor, you will not be disappointed...

Aysha Ali - Parent - Maths & English - Wolverhampton, UK

Our Tutors

Everyone remembers that person who inspired them; a teacher, a friend, a family member- someone who changed how they saw things and helped them see their potential. That’s what our tutors aim to do. They all share a passion for education, and use diverse methods to get the best out of every pupil. They're the beating heart of our Academy.


CEng MEng, Aerospace Engineer

Subjects : Physics, Maths

Syllabus : A-level, GCSE, KS 1/2/3


MBA CMI AFHEA, Innovation and Business Specialist

Subjects: Business Studies

Syllabus : A-level, GCSE


BA International Relations & Development, Researcher

Subjects : History, Politics

Syllabus : A-level, GCSE


BSc Physics, Science Communicator

Subjects : Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Syllabus : A-level, GCSE, KS3

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