Frequently Asked Questions

Rates can vary depending on the level of tuition you want and the specialism of the subject. Our team are among the best in their field and we pride ourselves in the quality of our services. If you have any queries about pricing contact us.

We have international clients all around the world who use our services.

You're in good company, as we've optimised our methods for the digital format./p>

Yes – this is called a DBS check (formerly known as a CRB check). We can provide you with the DBS number should you request it.
Online tutoring is easy, convenient and secure. Unlike face to face tutoring, there’s no reason not to learn – bad weather, car problems, parental double-bookings – nothing stands in the way as long as tutor and student are willing and available. Once our students try the online applications, we find many students actually prefer online tutorials to classroom settings. With a huge collection of resources at my fingertips, and the student in their own home, or other comfortable environment, this can be more conducive to an effective learning environment.
There are various useful facts I need to know about my tutees. These include but are not limited to the following:
  • Exam board
  • Subjects
  • Class set
  • Mock grades (if sat)
  • Class set (if available)
We are happy to stay in touch with classroom teachers to work with them on getting the best outcome for your child.
Again, this is down to individual cases. We usually recommend weekly sessions as this keeps the learning fresh and enables maximum progress. Some students book twice a week for intensive learning, whilst others have fortnightly sessions to balance tutoring with a heavy schedule.
If you wish to find out more about our experience and credentials please feel free to read the about section on our main page to see what makes us different to other tutoring academies. Having spent years in education, our team have perfected the knowledge and teaching and the results speak for themselves.
All our tutors come from the highest academic backgrounds, specialising in a full array of subjects at all levels. Prospective tutors are carefully screened, DBS checked and interviewed by our Director before becoming a tutor. We work with a small network of highly trusted tutors, only actively seeking out new employees when our clients have specific needs. Visit our Tutors pages to see our tutors and their qualifications.
Yes. We offer one-off meetings with a specialised consultant. These are done online or via phone – lasting up to 60 minutes. This service offers parents the opportunity to obtain tailored advice at a time that’s convenient to them.
Yes you can cancel lessons, but you must give 48hrs notice to the tutor otherwise under our Terms & Conditions you may be charged.
Payment may be made in advance or on the same day as the tutoring session is scheduled to begin. If you're in the UK you can pay by bank transfer. If you are in another country you can pay by PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account to do this as you can use your debit or credit card via the platform.

We will meet with you and your child to discuss their requirements and discuss their educational goals. We will give your child some tasks that are appropriate for their age and current academic ability in order to identify your child’s learning needs. Afterwards, we will discuss the results with you and agree a tailored learning programme that will begin to address those needs.