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We LOVE maths at MS Academy. We love studying maths, sharing maths puzzles, and teaching maths, but most of all we love to see students begin to share our enthusiasm and passion for the subject.


Primary KS2 Ages 7-11

During these formative learning years in primary school, tuition focuses on building strong foundations and boosting self-confidence to help children succeed at school. Our qualified KS2 teachers and tutors can help children develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as provide patient and supportive tuition in all national curriculum subjects. We can also help pupils to prepare for 7+, 8+, 11+, Common Entrance and grammar school entry exams as well as for the new year 6 SATs. This tutoring is to help children improve their Maths theory and exam techniques for both grammar and private schools. Our aim is to develop your child’s logical thinking and reasoning skills to ensure they can quickly solve mental maths problems using advanced methods. Students are taught how to comprehend and interpret worded Maths questions as well as more straightforward problem solving techniques involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and fractions.


Secondary KS3 Ages 11-14

Through the pre-teens and early teens, confidence and enthusiasm for learning underpins pupils’ success. With much to distract young people from their studies at school and home, private tuition can help ensure pupils keep building their self-confidence and don’t lose focus! Our KS3 teachers and tutor aim to encourage and inspire pupils to progress and enjoy their education during these important pre-GCSE years. We are also happy to help students to prepare for the Common Entrance exam at 13+ and scholarship exams.



As pupils prepare for GCSE or IGCSE exams, private tuition can help ensure students fully understand the syllabus and are ready to face examinations with confidence. For GCSE students who feel stressed or anxious about forthcoming GCSE exams, supportive and empathetic home tuition can make all the difference. Our KS4 tutors help students to develop effective learning and revision techniques while patiently explaining difficult concepts and curriculum subjects. Our tutors are also happy to help students with 16+ sixth form entry tests.


AS/A Level or IB diploma

Whether students are undertaking A Levels or the International Baccalaureate diploma (IB) at sixth form or college, MS Academy can help students to fully understand their subjects and approach their exams with confidence. Our KS5 tutors help pupils to develop the skills required to complete coursework and prepare for AS/A2 and A Level exams as well as for IB exams.


Undergraduate or Pre-degree

If you would like support with a specific aspect of your undergraduate degree programme or need assistance with pre-degree foundation studies, we can guide you. We have a number of qualified tutors registered with us who can provide tuition at this level.


Adult Students

Our tutors provide maths training specifically tailored to each individual, online and at your convenience.
We offer maths courses including Functional Skills up to Level 3 and GCSEs specifically catered for adult learners. Whether you wish to train as a teacher or need help passing your numeracy exam – we’re here to help.

Mathematics is the subject that we are asked to tutor most often, and one of the subjects that we take particular pride in teaching. We know how daunting maths can be, and we take great care to ensure that a blend of student-tutor chemistry, reassurance, support, and excellent teaching all help even the most mathematically disinclined student to develop an interest in the subject. Our tutors have enormous experience and can tailor their teaching to all abilities and levels. The majority of our maths tutors studied maths or science at university. Some of our tutors are industry experts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassadors and combine real life examples to make the complex theories much more relatable. We teach maths at primary school level, 11+, 13+ Common Entrance and Scholarship, GCSE and A level. So if you are going around in circles trying to understand the circle theorem or are tied in knots trying to untangle the chain rule, we will be able to help. The majority of our maths tutors studied in the UK system themselves and achieved top grades in GCSE, A Level, and Further Maths and then went on to study maths, one of the sciences, Engineering or Economics in University. Whether its covering primary level maths through to secondary school maths, we’ve got you covered.

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