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From lower years to A-level subjects, our STEM-experienced staff help spark a real interest in the sciences.



Physics being one of the three core sciences taught in schools is commonly taken at GCSE or A level. Physics Tutoring is exciting as Physics is the science of excitement. It allows us to learn the laws of nature from interaction of subatomic particles to origin of Universe and interaction of planets and stars. The study of how the physical world works can be a rewarding academic pursuit full of creativity. Whether explaining rotational momentum using the movement of an ice skater or coming up with visual representations to help students grasp vectors, our tutors are experts at breaking down concepts for students. We pride ourselves on being able to both help struggling students but also to push the most enthusiastic and brightest young minds. Along with maths, physics is the subject we are most experienced at teaching. At MS Acadmy we can provide Physics tuition for all ages from Key Stage 2 upwards. We can also provide tutors for Triple Science GCSE for those studying Physics, Biology and Chemistry or for those students studying Physics alone to GCSE or A level. Tuition for Physics is available online. Our tutors offer remote, interactive learning via a range of dedicated and industry standard applications utilising video call, online whiteboards and shared resources.



Chemistry deals with the nature of reactions and the rules that govern them. Chemistry lies at the interface between Biology and Physics and has found use in applications to both disciplines. For the budding scientist or engineer, a solid foundation in chemistry is important whether in quantum mechanics, synthetic protein construction, or understanding how drugs interact with the body. Thus, chemistry attempts to answer many of the questions that students will have already asked of the world around them.



Biology being one of the three core sciences taught in schools is commonly taken at GCSE and A level. Biology has changed beyond recognition in the last 50 years. The emergence of genetics and cell and molecular biology has yielded medicines and technology that affects all of our lives. Biology also opens doors to other arenas: the pharmaceutical industry, clinical medicine, and cinematography for nature and television programmes all rely on extensive knowledge in diverse areas of Biology.

In a world increasingly dominated by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, our real-life experience engages students in the classroom.

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